The Summit Wars

Crypt of the house of Ambry

Tasked with exploring a recently uncovered tomb with danger to be expected four wearers of the Crimson chain descended. The hobgoblin archer and orc berserker led the group into a chamber containing six coffins. The gnome gave into his curiosity removing the lid of a coffin to reveal an undead zombie. The party quickly found themselves surrounded but were able to cut them down easily. They found a passage inside one of the coffins leading into a strange tunnel that required the larger members to crawl occasionally. Because of the confined space they sent the goblin to scout ahead unaware of the danger lurking above. After finding a dead end the goblin walked into an area where a carrion crawler had been waiting and was taken by surprise by its tentacled grasp. Through a feat of luck and teamwork the party managed to rescue him from certain death. The rest of the tunnel contained the slime covered nest of the carrion crawler and two passages leading up similar to the one they came in from. Opening the coffin only enough to see that the chamber contained a statue of ancient human hero and two ornate coffins. Each member took position ready to strike while the goblin hid inside the entry way. Opening one of the coffins awakened two finely dressed ghouls. After being spotted by one of the ghouls the goblin struck it with his rapier only to be killed by a viscous bite. The battle left the party shaken but they decide to explore the last chamber. Using tactics they were able to destroy the last of the undead that arose from the remaining coffins.



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