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  • Frogus

    *Favored Weapon:* Net *Other Names:* The Glutton or the The Great Gulper *Realm:* Ocean world devoid of any land except for a dense jungle located on the back of a colossal sea turtle. In the center of the jungle he sits atop a ziggurat gorging himself …

  • Reydia

    *Favored Weapon:* Morning star *Other Names:* Light-Bearer *Realm:* Endless plains and hills with a sun permanently fixed in this sky. *Description:* A haloed priestess usually with a torch sometimes with a morning star *Worshipers:* Farmers and the …

  • Silh

    *Favored Weapon:* Rapier *Other Names:* *Realm:* Permanent magical darkness with strange horrors adapted to the lack of light. *Description:* masked individual but race and gender will change often. *Worshipers:* Thieves, assassins, races with light …

  • Drago

    *Favored Weapon:* Natural Weapons *Other Names:* Culdranth the scaled, Dragonlord *Realm:* A land of canyons and valleys with varying ecology in each. *Description:* An ancient dragon with spines and scales that shimmer and change colour. *Worshipers …

  • Rojun

    *Favored Weapon:* Great axe *Other Names:* Shaitam, Earth Splitter *Realm:* A series of interconnected crystal caverns and tunnels where geological formations grow like plants and streams of lava flow. *Description:* A terrible combination of …

  • Sefdur

    *Favored Weapon:* Trident *Other Names:* The Horned One, Prince of Lies, *Realm:* Hellfire *Description:* A six armed demon with long curved horns weilding a trident in each hand. *Worshipers:* *Clergy:* *Rituals:* *Domain:* War

  • Emptia

    *Favored Weapon:* Longbow *Other Names:* *Realm:* *Description:* *Worshipers:* *Clergy:* *Rituals:* *Domain:* Tempest

  • Ephine

    *Favored Weapon:* Battle axe *Other Names:* *Realm:* *Description:* *Worshipers:* *Clergy:* *Rituals:* *Domain:* Trickery

  • Niaos

    *Favored Weapon:* Quarterstaff *Other Names:* The Shepherd *Realm:* *Description:* *Worshipers:* *Clergy:* *Rituals:* Knowledge

  • Nureus

    *Favored Weapon:* Spear *Other Names:* *Realm:* *Description:* *Worshipers:* *Clergy:* *Rituals:* *Domain:* Knowledge, Arcane

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